How much will the installation cost?

Each project is unique and requires an individual quote. Interested? Get a Quote >

Do you have linear foot pricing?

Hacker offers a large variety of different finishes, colors and cabinet solutions which makes it impossible to provide an average linear foot price.

How long does it take to install a kitchen?

The Installation support provided by our Hacker Installers takes 4-5 days for small kitchen installations and 2-3 weeks for bigger installation projects.

What tools are required?

The right tools are the key to an effortless installation. Download our Häcker Must Have Tools List >

Do I have to provide additional support?

Installing a kitchen is not a one-man show. We require at least 1-2 additional installers for support.

Good to know: Your Installers will get some extra training-experience during the installation!

What if the job side is not ready for installation?

Do you need more time? Contact your Sales Manager to reschedule your Hacker supported installation.

It’s mandatory that everything on site is prepared for the kitchen installation to assure a flawless end result.